Malaika Arora's Diet Plan For A Slim Body Is A Must Try

By Aanchal

intermittent fasting

Before knowing the diet plan you must be aware of the fact that Malika does intermittent fasting which means she fasts for 16-18 hours a day.

water with ghee

Malaika starts her day with not just water but also adds ghee or coconut water to it.

nuts after that

after consuming liquids the fit star hops onto nuts to break her fast mainly walnuts

Little of everything

For both lunch and dinner Malaika eats a plate full of Carbs and Fat that has meat eggs and legumes along with vegetables.


Malaika does snacking only if she feels like.

nothing after 7 pm

Malaika's last meal ends at 7 and she doesn't eat anything after that.

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