Food Items For Glowing Skin

By Aanchal


Omega 3 fatty acids found in walnuts and zinc, which aids in bacterial defense, reduce skin inflammation.


Lycopene, which contributes to glowing skin, is activated when tomatoes are cooked. So consuming cooked tomatoes in form of soup or sides will help.


Avocadoes have high nutritional values, from vitamins to antioxidants it has everything that will help your skin glow.

Dark Chocolate

You can make your skin sparkle with chocolate! but bitter chocolate. Antioxidants found in chocolate aid with sun protection.


Orange can be eaten straight away or applied as a facemask. It has a variety of advantages for the skin because it contains vitamin C


Cucumber keeps you moisturized and gives your skin a healthy glow since it contains vitamins C, K, and dietary fiber.


To help lessen wrinkle appearance and increase skin elasticity, soybeans contain isoflavones that bind to estrogen's in your body.


Brocolli contains vitamin C that helps in enhancing the glow of your skin.


Spinach helps in repairing DNA which boosts your skin glow. For more such tips stay tuned.