Kriti Sanon’s Skincare Routine For Clean & Clear Skin

By Kashish

Proper Cleansing

Kriti’s first thing to do in the morning skincare is to cleanse her face with a mild face wash! She massages it well to get rid of oil and dirt on the face

Using Microfiber towels

Kriti ensures to use microfiber towels as they’re soft and environment-friendly. She keeps her face a little damp after wiping her face to apply skincare smoothly


Kriti likes to apply a probiotic mask on her face, mainly a geek yogurt mask. She applies a mask on her face two times a week


Kriti is a fan of using toners! She uses a toner that has niacinamide. Toners help in closing the pores and absorbing the products on the screen well

Vitamin C Serum

Kriti pats Vitamin C serum gently on her face as it is a wonderful remedy for skin brightening and reducing dark spots

SPF is a Must!

Kriti absolutely recommends using sunscreen for the skin! She never forgets to apply SPF on her face and neck

Lip Balm is Love!

Kriti concludes her skincare regimen with a lip balm to keep her lips soft and smooth!

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