Kriti Sanon Healthy Untold Dieting Secrets To Lose Weight Quickly

By Aditi

Salad Intake

Kriti Sanon likes to take fresh salad with each meal. Salad contains good amount of vitamins, roughage and minerals..

Eat at regular intervals

Kriti Sanon eats after every two hours to ensure avoiding binge-eating.

Light dinner

She always prefers having dinner lighter than her mid meal.

Green tea daily intake

Green tea has many any oxidant properties which will help detox your body and help you stay full.

snaking wisely

Snaking is necessary to avoid binge-eating so she has a box full of nuts to keep he full.

Dating dates

Kriti Sanon eats dates when she requires instant energy, Dates has many health benefits and provides you energy in not time.

Green juice

Kriti Sanon has green juice when she feels heavy. She takes green juice also energise and detoxify.

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