Korean Beauty Skin Care Secrets For Flawless Skin

By Aditi Singhenglish.jagran.com

Pimple Patches

They use pimple patches to get rid of pimples from their skin.

Deep cleanse before make up

The cleanse 3 times before applying make up to remove excessive oil, dirt and dead skin.

combine Face oil with foundation

Adding face oil with foundation will get you a luminous look on your face.

Use more Skin care

Koreans spend more on skin care than anything else. The use plenty of face masks, exfoliators, sleeping packs and toners.

Pat, pat, pat!

Koreans do not wipe your face after cleaning, instead, pat dry their face.

Snail mucin in products

Koreans use products which contains high amount of snail music because it improves skin texture and reduces skin aging.

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