Kiara Advani's Self Care Secrets You Need To Know!

By Aditi

Baby steps

Due to Kiara Advani's busy schedule she takes baby steps to ensure taking care of her body.

Water & workout

The first thing she does is drink lukewarm water as soon as she wakes up.

Relaxing IS THE KEY

Kiara Advani has plenty of appearances and work on set which makes her tired. She always relaxes when her day is over.

Her favorite bath essential

Kiara Advani love bubble bath and sea salt bathing to relax her mind and body.

Pampers herself

She loves pampering herself as she understands you always need a break to go further in life.

Sweating it out

Kiara Advani knows that taking care of your body is necessary but also keeping you physically and mentally strong is also important.

Kiara on Self-care

Kiara Advani think self-care is the best way to fall in love with yourself and everyone should do it!

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