Katrina Kaif’s Ice Water Facial For Skin Tightening Has Many Benefits

By Kashish Raienglish.jagran.com

Many Benefits Of Ice Water Facial

Katrina’s Kaif’s favorite ice-water facial has many benefits apart from skin tightening.

Reduces Inflammation

Ice water facial helps in temporarily reducing the redness in rosacea and acne-prone skin

Makes Your Face Look Bright

Regular ice water facial makes your skin look even and bright as it enhances the blood circulation in the skin

Minimizes Open Pores

Ice water facial helps to regulate the issue of open pores. This also helps in absorbing excessive oil from the skin

Reduces Puffiness & Prevents Wrinkles

This amazing facial helps in reducing puffiness from the face and also aids in preventing wrinkles.

Makes Foundation Application Smooth

As the pores are reduced after the ice-water facial, the foundation application becomes easy and it doesn’t get cakey

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