Katrina Kaif Reveals Her Skincare Secrets, Check It Out.

By Aanchal Valechaenglish.jagran.com

cleansing face

katrina Kaif never misses a chance to cleanse her face before bed.

hydrating skin

Katrina loves to hydrate her skin throughout the day and specially during bedtime

Ice bowl for skin glow

Katrina Kaif wakes up her dull skin by dunking her face in a bowl of ice.

Exercise adds glow

Katrina say that exercising is one of the main reason's for her great skin!

Drink enough water

Just like any other actress Katrina also believes in hydrating her skin through drinking ample amount of water


Katrina revealed in an interview that she uses mud mask often to exfoliate and lift up the the glow.

Avoids Makeup

When Katrina is not working she avoids applying makeup on her face.


The major secret of Katrina's healthy skin is discipline. She follows a good diet and never misses to do skincare along with that she keep a check of her fitness too!