Karishma Tanna Is A Water Baby, Here's the proof!

By Aanchal Valechaenglish.jagran.com

Happy in water

Karishma Tanna is the happiest when she is in water.

Amidst water

In Spain amidst water, Karishma Tanna and her sexy looks.

Fun in pool

Karishma Tanna is wearing a really sexy bikini and having a fun time in pool

Sexy swimsuit

What a view it is, Krishma Tanna by the pool in a sexy swimsuit.


Sun light shines bright on Karishma's skin making her glow even more.

even with lover

Karishma's romantic date also starts and endS in pool, here she is with her better half in the pool

ultimate lover

Karishma's love for water can be seen in her outings, dates and destinations.