Jannat Zubair Turns Head in These Sassy Dresses

By Aanchal Valechaenglish.jagran.com

The pop up color

This color has so much of power that it can easily attract a bundle of eyes on itself, plus Jannat carries it really well.

That's sexy

Any black dress is juts sexy and when Jannat wears it, it's something else.

The sheerness

This dress hugs Jannat's body like a glove and the sheerness has it's own touch to it.

Cute and adorable

This one attire is cute and the frill to it has our heart.

Boss Lady

Jannat Zubair give boss babe vibes in this Suit dress.

The corset dress

The corset dress's color is really eye-catching plus just love the Jannat's eye.

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