Janhvi Kapoor’s Skincare Includes Affordable & Natural Products

By Kashish Raienglish.jagran.com

Rose Water

Rose water is the perfect natural toner and a wonderful cleanser! It washes off dirt naturally from the skin. Janhvi applies it with glycerine before she goes to bed


Janhvi Doesn’t forget to use Milk for her skin as it provides all the necessary moisturization. It is a very excellent toner and helps in reducing tanning

Malai (Fresh Cream)

Janhvi uses Malai as it is a boon for people having dry skin. It can be mixed with other natural products for applying on the skin as it is also a very gentle exfoliator


Janhvi never forgets to apply honey on her skin as its regular usage naturally helps prevent dark spots and gives life to the skin by removing dullness


Janhvi makes sure to consume Vitamin C-rich fruits in her diet as they make the skin glowing and radiant. Some fruits like bananas and Papaya are good to treat pigmentation


The actress consumes Yogurt as it promotes the maintenance of the pH balance of the skin. It is beneficial for people who have frequent acne and skin infections

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