Janhvi Kapoor Inspired Lipstick Shades That You Should Purchase!

By Kashish Raienglish.jagran.com

Coral Nude

The coral nude shade looks so gorgeous on fair to medium skin tone! Top up with shade with a hint of gloss just like Janhvi!

Peanut Nude Shade

This must be your everyday nude shade! You can use it with a brown lipliner to have plumped up lips!

Brick Red Shade

Here's a beautiful brick red shade that goes well again for medium to fair skin tone! Use it occasionally and top it up with a gloss!

Poppy Pink Shade

Girls who are crazy for pink will love this shade! This is a perfect everyday lip shade if you want to have candy-floss like pink lips!

Dahilia Maroon Shade

This is such a stunning shade that gives a vampy feeling and is a perfect party shade! This shade will go well on every skin tone

Sand Nude

Sand nude is a perfect nude lipstick shade that goes well if you are carrying a smokey eye makeup look! Don't forget to use a lipliner before applying it!

Blush Nude Lipstick

Here's a beautiful nude lipstick shade for women with light to fair skin tone! This can be your go-to shade as it looks so natural!

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