Janhvi Kapoor Shines Like A Diamond These Blingy Dresses

By Aanchal Valechaenglish.jagran.com

golden shine

The floral print in the back counterbalances the shine and bling on the top. Janhvi appears to be a princess in this picture.

adorable red

With this red dress, Janhvi kills it. Although there isn't much bling in this scene, Janhvi nonetheless radiates with brilliance.

Shiny pink

The material speaks for it this time., Janhvi is shutting in this sleek slit dress.

bilng and bodycon

Janhvi is rocking a bodycon dress with enough sparkle to catch your eye.

shining like a diamond

In this sparkling clothing, Janhvi resembles a human version of a diamond.

reflection of beauty

With her mirror-inspired attire, Janhvi reflects the beauty and hotness of the world.

shining like silver

a silver dress with too much shine! janhvi can pull it off courageously.

suit up!

who said suits aree boring look at how Janhvi brings the blling ot it.

bling is everywhere

how can we forget a saree! Janhvi turely rocks bling in every attire she wears.