Inside INS Vikrant, India's 1st Indigenous Aircraft Carrier

By Aanchal

Largest Warship

The INS vikrant is the largest warship ever made in India, measuring 262 meters long and 62 meters broad.

Tribute To Predecessor

INS Vikrant is named after its predecessor, India's first aircraft carrier, which played an vital role in the liberation of Bangladesh from Pakistan during the 1971 war.

Huge Hangar

The size of the aircraft hangar is equivalent to two Olympic-sized swimming pools. It will initially be utilized to carry helicopters and MiG fighter jets.

Hostpital With 16 Beds

A 16-bed emergency hospital, 2400 compartments, and 250 fuel tanks will all be included in this enormous aircraft carrier.

Food For 3000

INS Vikrant will board 1600 crew members and has a machine capable of producing 3000 chapatis per hour to provide them with food on the go.

More Than A Decade

This massive, highly equipped aircraft was built over the course of more than ten years.

Second Aircraft Carrier

INS Vikrant is India's second aircraft carrier. The first, INS Vikramadtiya, was built on a Russian platform