1. Easy Turnovers To New Zealand

By Vishal Pushkarenglish.jagran.com

2. Bad PC Conversion Rate!

India could not convert PC (Penalty Corners) to possible goals. Harmanpreet Singh-led side was below par in this regard.

3. Losing Advantage In Circles

India lost the advantage in most circle penetrations. New Zealand defenders were quick to take the ball away from the circle.

4. Buckling Under Pressure

Penalty Shoot-outs test you under pressure. Indian Hockey Team buckled big time under pressure as they lost the match in sudden death.

5. Untidy Defense From India

Indian defenders were surprisingly out-of-form against a low-ranked team. Black Sticks were excellent with short passes and made inroads.

6. Too Much Scrutiny

India being the host nation, were in tremendous pressure to deliver in this edition. With key players out from the side, their confidence took a dent when Hardik was ruled out.

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