How To Prevent Hairfall At Early Stages In Men

By Aanchal

Reduce Smoking

The amount of blood flowing to the scalp is decreased by smoking, which affects hair development.

Dont Brush Wet Hair

Since wet hair is weaker than dry hair, it is more likely to break off from the scalp.

Stop Frequent Hair Coloring

Regular chemical treatments and hair colouring can also weaken the hair shaft and damage the health of the hair.

Consume More Protein

Proteins are the building blocks of hair, thus eating more of them will lessen hair loss.

Use Essential Oil

Massage your scalp with essential oils to activate the follicle and promote hair growth.

De-Stress Yourself

Stress is one of the main causes of early hairfall in men, so relax and don't take too much of stress.

Consume Biotin Rich Food

Studies have proved that biotin rich food like sweet potato, eggs and nuts helps your hair grow faster.

Drink Green Tea

Polyphenolic chemicals found in green tea are believed to be quite helpful in preventing hair loss.

Use Mild Shampoo

The chemicals in shampoo can lead to fast hair loss so using a mild shampoo will be