Guide on Maintaining Hygiene During Your Periods

By Kashish

1. Change Pad in Every 4 Hours

Do it on the first two days when the flow is the heaviest, if not every day.

2. Reusable Pad Maintenance

If you use reusable pads, ensure to clean them thoroughly after every use to avoid bacteria growth.

3. Clean-up Your Vaginal Area

Wash the area with an intimate wash and warm water. If they itch your skin or vagina, stop using them and consult a doctor.

4. Do Not Use Two Pads at Once

This can cause infections in the vaginal area. If the flow is greater, stick to one and keep altering it.

5. Wear Comfy, Hygenic Panties

Infections can also result from wearing a tight underwear, so wear comfy ones made up of cotton.

6. Put on Relaxed, Lightweight Clothing

Tight clothing can put the body under excessive strain, promote sweating, and serve as a home for infectious bacteria.

7. Avoid Pad Rash

Try to keep yourself dry during periods.

8. Bath Regularly

It eases backaches, menstruation cramps, and lifts your spirits.