Reason To Add Camphor Oil To You Hair-Care Routine

By Aditi

Indian Ayurvedic Remedy

Camphor is being used since our ancient times for hair, skin and health.

Get Rid of Itchy scalp

Camphor oil has properties which reduces itchiness caused in your scalp due to scalp infections.

Removes Dandruff

Camphor oil minimize inflammation and moisturize your scalp which gets rid of dandruff.

Its Anti-bacterial

Camphor oil can prevent little bumps or acne from your scalp which occurs due to bacterial infections on your scalp.

Helps in hair growth

Camphor oil reduces the chances of hair loss and promotes hair growth by improving blood circulation in you scalp.

Kills Lice in Your scalp

There is hot and cool sensation in camphor oil which kills lice present in your hair.

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