PM Narendra Modi Birthday: Times NAMO Gave Us Iconic Quotes

By Aanchal

Clean India

"Gandhi, Mahatama Never let cleanliness slip. He granted us freedom; now let's provide him cleanliness."


"This is the power of democracy: a poor man's son is standing in front of you right now."

Pradhan Sevak

"I swear to you. I'll put in 13 hours of effort if you only put in 12. I'll put in 15 hours of effort if you put in 14 hours. Why? Because I am a "pradhan sevak," not a "pradhan mantri."

Hard work

“Hard work never brings fatigue. It brings satisfaction.”

One Target one direction

"The country should progress in the direction of one goal, one direction, one intention, and one choice."

India must become India

India doesn't have to change into anything different. India must only ever be India. This is the nation that was formerly known as the Golden Bird.