Diabetes-Friendly Attas You can Try To Maintain Your Sugar Level

By Aditi Singhenglish.jagran.com

Types Of Atta

In our country, more than 70 million people suffer from diabetes and it can only be treated by making changes in your lifestyle.

Ragi atta

Ragi atta is best for a diabetic patient as it contains a lot of fibre which ultimately makes you fuller.

Chana (chickpea) atta

Chickpea atta has soluble fiber which helps in reducing cholesterol and gradually spikes the sugar levels in your body.

Barley (Jau) atta

Barley atta increases your gut hormones and improves your metabolism. It keeps your body healthy and build immunity.

Amaranth atta

Amaranth atta has anti-diabetic properties, packed with a lot of minerals and proteins which will ultimately keep your diabetes on track.

Always avoid wheat atta

Wheat atta is generally mixed with refined atta so it is not good for a diabetic patient.

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