Deepika Padukone’s Haircare Routine For Thick, Long & Shiny Hair

By Kashish

Coconut Oil Champi Is Love!

Deepika loves to massage her scalp with tender coconut oil! Coconut oil provides deep moisture to the scalp and also repairs dry and damaged hair

Braids And Buns To The Rescue!

Deepika usually makes a braid or a bun to protect her hair from breakage. These are also Deepika’s favorite go-to hairstyles!

Always Use Heat Protectant Spray

Being a celebrity, Deepika has to do regular styling. To protect her hair from damage, Deepika uses a heat-protectant spray before straightening or curling her hair

Keep A Dry Shampoo Or Hair Spray

We all love Deepika’s bouncy hair, Don’t we? She always carries a dry shampoo or a hair spray to give an instant volume to the hair

Never Miss To Eat Right!

Eating the right and nutritious food will naturally aid in your hair care! Make sure to include a protein-rich diet in your lifestyle like Deepika!

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