Deepika Padukone’s Diet Plan For A Toned Body Is So Easy!

By Kashish

Six Meals In A Day

Deepika is against starving herself to hunger! Hence, she consumes six meals a day in balanced portions.

Morning Drink

On an empty stomach, Deepika consumes warm water with lemon and honey or methi (fenugreek seeds) soak overnight.


Deepika likes to consume protein-rich foods in the morning! She usually consumes two egg whites on toast or Idli Sambhar with filtered coffee

Pre-Lunch Snack

Deepika consumes a bowl of freshly chopped fruits with greens. This is packed with nutrition and also avoids her from overeating during lunch

Wholesome Lunch

Deepika likes to have a simple lunch, including Dal, Roti, and Sabzi. She makes sure to include carbs and protein in a balanced way. She also likes to have Rasam & rice.

Evening Snacks

Deepika usually consumes healthy nuts as her evening snacks. She likes to have almonds along with some filtered coffee


Deepika likes to have a very light dinner. She usually eats two chapatis, vegetables and salad as her final meal of the day!


Deepika is obsessed with sweets! So, occasionally, she likes to munch on some dark chocolate.

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