BLACKPINK Lisa Share Beauty Tips

By Aanchal

minimal makeup

All the BLACKPINK member including Lisa apply very minimal makeup during their photoshoots, They believe less is more.

Switcing styles

If you ever wondered how Liza manages to be in trend, it is because she keeps changing her styles and looks.

Take their hair seriously

Not only Lisa but each member of BLACKPINK focuses a lot on their hair care.

Always cleanse

K-pop ideals skin shines like a glass and cleansing the one of the reason for their glow.

moisturizer is must

Liza has a dry skin so she never forgets to moisturize her skin during the day

Fashion style that suits

Lisa advices us to find a fashion style that suits us the most.

Stay Active

Liza being the lead dancer of the group stays active that adds to her beauty.