BLACKPINK Jennie's Secret To Glowing Skin

By Aanchal


Jennie cleanses her face every day, even if she hasn't worn makeup.

Applies Face Mask daily

Jennie never misses to apply hydrating sheet mask at night.

Lip scrub

Jennie’s lips are really pink and the secret is a lip scrub and a lip sheet mask.

Detox juice

Jennie drink a detox juice every morning To keep her skin glowing.

Eats Chicken feet

Yes! you read it right Jennie eats chicken feets to keep her body and skin healthy.

Hydrates hersellf

Jennie has a dry skin so she keeps herself hydrated by drinking enough water and juices through the day.

Physical activity

Jennie is super fit one the reasons for skin glow and beauty is the physical activity like Pilates