Beginner's Guide To Do Make Up Step-By-Step

By Aditi

Step One- Clean Your Skin

It is important to deeply clean your skin by following CTM rule - clean, tone and moisturize.

Step Two- Use a primer

Primer is required for you skin to look subtle after your make up is completed, it works as a base for your make up.

Step Three- Apply foundation

Always apply foundation with a makeup brush or makeup blender and choose a foundation which matches your skin tone.

Step four- Apply concealer

Conceal the marks by applying concealer on it and blend it well with the foundation.

Step Five - Apply Blush

Blush will make your face look youthful and give you a natural glow. Apply it on the cheeks or cheekbones.

Step Six- Apply Eye make up

Eye make up will make your face look more attractive and enhanced. You can wear mascara, eye liner, Kajal and eye shadow as per your liking.

Step seven- Apply your favorite Lipstick

Lipsticks are the best part of the make up as it completes the look. You need to choose which shade will go best for your skin tone.

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