Anushka Sharma’s Natural Skincare Regime For Clear & Bright Skin

By Kashish

No Special Skin Treatment

Anushka avoids taking too many skin treatments and believes in using natural skincare remedies to maintain her skin!

Facial Massage

Anushka massages her face in a circular motion post her skincare so that the products get absorbed in her skin

Consumes Elderflower Drink

Anushka consumes a healthy elderflower drink and it removes all the toxins from her body. It is also beneficial to keep the skin firm and bright

Swears By Coconut Oil

Anushka likes to apply coconut oil on her face and nails as it provides great nourishment!

Sunscreen Is A Must

Anushka does not steps out without wearing a sunscreen on her face. It is a part of her daily skincare ritual as it protect her skin from sun damage

Toning & Moisturizing

After cleansing her face, Anushka makes sure to use a hydrating toner and moisturizer on her face and neck

DIY Face Packs

Anushka likes to apply some natural DIY face packs on her skin usually made up of Banana, Honey & Milk that make the skin clear, soft and glowing!

Consumes A Healthy Vegetarian Diet

The likes to consume a fully healthy vegetarian diet that is rich in protein and healthy carbs. She also likes to consume low-calorie fruits

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