Anupama In Never Seen Before Avatars

By Aanchal

simple yet stylish

Rupali Ganguli is seen wearing a kaftan with a high ponytail; she looks stylish but keeps the look simple.

Laughing at fullest

In contrast to her show character, your favorite Anupama can be seen laughing in these photos.

expression queen

Because of the expressions Rupali holds, the face is the most focused area in this photograph.

Boss lady

The boss of Telvesion look like a boss lady here!

queen behaviour

The pose, the expression, and the attire all indicate that the queen has arrived.

Subtle stare

Rupali's expressions are so soft and nice that she can smooth out any picture.

Happy soul

Rupali is a happy soul and smile suits her.

everyone's favourite

Be it Rupali or Anupama she aces both her characters so well.