Anupama And Vanraj'S Bond Behind The Camera Is To Good To Be True

By Aanchal

Rare smiles

This jodi is rarely seen smiling together, but they have a good chemistry behind the camera.

Masti time

the love hate relationship of Vanraj and Anupama on screen is a pleasure to wtch but these two chilling together is also a treat to eyes.


Anupama and Vanraj never miss a chance to be crazy behnf the camera.

Parallel universe

In a parallel universe Vanraj looks at Anupama with love.

Ride to remember

Anupama taking Vanraj on a ride that he'll remember forever.


The off screen bond of Anupama and vanraj is much cooler, and simpler than the one shown On screen.

Unique bond

We have loved both of them on and off screen; whenever they share the same screen, there is fire, and no matter what, they are loved by the audiences for their character.