Alia Bhatt’s Diet Plan For Quick Weight Loss Is Easy To Follow

By Kashish

Morning Drink

Alia usually drinks coffee without sugar or herbal tea in the morning. Both of the drinks are a great detox


Alia Bhatt usually consumes healthy food items like poha, a sandwich, or a bowl of papaya for her breakfast


Alia has an obsession with Dal Chawal and Salads! She likes to consume homemade food for lunch in potions


Alia Bhatt likes to munch on some healthy snack options like fox nuts (makhanas) or roasted peanuts


Alia’s dinner is usually light and consists of veggies or sometimes a bowl of curd rice

Pro Tip: Staying Hydrated!

Alia consumes healthy juices, coconut water, and normal water throughout the day to stay hydrated!

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