Alia Bhatt Easy Fitness Tips To Loose 16 kgs In 3 months

By Aanchal

Pilates and yoga

Alia Bhatt Keeps her fit through Pilates and yoga, she goes strict with yoga poses to maintain a posture.

Tremendous weight Training

Getting a body like that is not easy Alia Bhatt goes through tremendous weight training

goes to gym 5 times

No matter how busy her schedule is she hits the gym minimum 5 times a day.

specific diet

Alia consumes jowar in summers and Bajra in winters for healthy weight along with seasonal fruits

little desi too

out of all the fancy things alia also prefers eating dal khichdi, buttermilk and ghee.

No sugar

Alia strictly avoids sugar intake for weight loss, you must follow all of these tips to loose weight fast just like Alia.

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