Watch: Bengaluru Man Showers Money From Flyover, Traffic Snarls As People Throng To Collect Cash

A man in Bengaluru could be seen showering cash from a flyover on a road below, while a wall clock hung on his neck. The reason behind this act of his is still unknown. The incident caused a traffic jam for a while.

Watch: Bengaluru Man Showers Money From Flyover, Traffic Snarls As People Throng To Collect Cash
A viral video showed a man, in Bengaluru, showering cash from a flyover while wearing a wall clock around his neck. (Image credit: Twitter)

An unidentified man in Bengaluru shocked residents on Tuesday when he started showering money from a flyover on the road below. The incident even led to a traffice jam for a while, as several people rushed to collect the falling cash. Videos of the incident have now gone viral in which the man can be seen donning a wall clock around his neck.

Laxam Nimbaragi, Deputy Commissioner of Police, said that so far no information is available about the man or why he was showering money in the market area, according to a report by News18. Cops are currently investigating in the matter and searching for the man, he added.

Other similar incidents in the past

- In December 2022, a Bhajan performance by Gujarati folk singer Kirtidan Gadhvi in Navsari had led to a somewhat similar incident. Cash around Rs. 40-50 Lakh rupees were showered by hundreds of attendees during the event, that was organised by Swami Vivekananda Eye Temple Trust to raise money for a new eye hospital.

The attendees had showered the singers with notes ranging from Rs 10 to as high as 500. The collection was around Rs. 50 Lakh, Gadhvi had estimated at the time.

- A similar incident, involving Gadhvi had occurred in 2015, when a local Bharatiya Janata Party leader from Vadodara had showered a bucket full of cash, literally, on the singer at a function. The leader was Vadodara’s then BJP President Satish Patel. He was walking up from behind Kirtidan Gadhvi and showering a bucket full of cash on him.

- 2019 also was witness to a incident similar to these. A viral video, had then shown cash being showered on a singer during a bhajan event. This has led to a debate on social media, as netizens wondered if the programme was a religious event or a dance club. Later, reports had come out that suggested that the money collected was donated to Non-Governmental Organisations.

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