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    Optical Illusion: Only 17% People Can Find The Hidden Spectacles In This Pic Within 10 Seconds

    Finally, after a very long time, we have another optical trick for you to solve.

    By Priyanka Munshi
    Wed, 25 Jan 2023 09:50 AM (IST)

    NOWADAYS, THERE are a tonne of optical illusions on the internet. Because optical illusions can genuinely help with that, using visual illusions is one of the finest ways to increase the productivity of your workday. You can improve your skills and ability to concentrate by using these illusions. You won't perceive them as a difficulty the next time after you get used to solving them in the allotted time.

    Finally, after a very long time, we have another optical trick for you to solve. You have ten seconds to find the cat in the picture. Do you know that with consistent effort, one can become an expert at optical illusions? The puzzling image shows a swarm of identically coloured buildings. To find a cat in the image that is hiding in plain sight, you must be quite perceptive.

    Industrialist Harish Goenka posted this optical illusion on Twitter. You are aware that if you look carefully and persistently enough, you will also be able to see the tiny cut-out picture of a white cat, peeking its head from the top right corner, almost on the margin, among the numerous, crowded dwellings.

    Therefore, one of the greatest methods—or tricks—to deciphering these optical illusions is to always work your way from left to right, followed by up to down. This method will enable you to unravel the illusion quickly and sharpen your concentration.

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