New Delhi| Jagran Trending Desk: COVID-19 has been a party popper for many as it kept all the party animals at their home, however, this turn out to be a boon for the food delivery app. On Thursday evening Zomato witnessed a sudden spike in the demand with the orders going up to over 3,200 per minute.

Taking to Twitter handle, Zomato's CEO Deepinder Goyal wrote, "Our order velocity right now is the highest we have seen in our life so far (approximately 2500 orders per minute (opm)). Surpassed India vs Pakistan day wala opm. And it's only 6pm! I hope our tech lives through this."


Later, the data revealed that Indians were ordering biryani and pizzas, in huge numbers, in which 40 per cent of them was extra cheese pizzas from Zomato.

In another tweet, Deepinder wrote, "OPM 3,500. There are 1 lakh live orders right now. 1 lakh food deliveries in transit right now - between the kitchens, and the bikes. Never seen this before."


Deepinder Goyal who cannot be happier than this kept the netizens updated with the live tweets. He closed the live-twee session and revealed that the OPM has clocked 4,100.


Meanwhile, Delhi witnessed curfew yesterday at 11 pm till early 1st January to curb the movement of people owing to new UK strain. Since people could not go out and have dinner with their family and friends so they choose the safest and easiest way by ordering from food delivery apps.

Coming back to Zomato then on Wednesday the food delivery app said that they delivered 22 biryanis every minute in 2020. Also, the number of orders for pizza increased steeply over the months. The data from Zomato showed that from in May from 4.5 lakh pizza orders the numbers hiked to over 17 lakh orders in November.

Posted By: Niharika Sanjeeiv