New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: Mountains are a great place to visit especially when it snows there. Right now, some places in Arunachal Pradesh are receiving snowfall, and tourists in large numbers are visiting the state. One such tourist excited to visit the state asked Union Minister Kiren Rijiju to not impose restrictions in the state as it would ruin his vacations, and the minister's reply is on point. Let us tell you exactly what happened?

Union Minister Kiren Rijiju had posted a series of photos and videos on his Twitter of the heavy snowfall in Tawang and had urged tourists to take cautions. "Advise to tourists visiting Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh at this point of time. It is reported heavy snowfall between Baishakhi, Sela Pass, and Nuranang. Pls get proper information before you move because the road is extremely dangerous to drive and the temperature goes down to -25!" he wrote.

After he posted the Tweet many netizens started asking if it is safe to visit the state or are there any restrictions imposed for visitors and tourists and all the other questions. 

But this man amid all the queries asked the minister to not impose any restrictions even for life threats, his trip shouldn't be canceled as he had already booked his tickets.

"Dear sir whatever it may be I've already booked my tickets to Arunachal, don't impose any restrictions, Marega tho marega lekin trip cancel nai hoga," a user named Ashish Singhvi Bharatiya wrote on Twitter.

To which the minister replied and wrote, "Don't worry brother, you won't die. Have fun and enjoy your trip to Arunachal Pradesh. I'm just giving an advisory for everyone's safety."

Kiren Rijiju also replied to another user who claimed that his post was an invitation for North Indians to visit Arunachal Pradesh. He wrote "I extend a warm invitation to everyone to visit beautiful Arunachal Pradesh. Just be cautious as many people from plain areas are not aware of slippery road conditions due to snow, freezing cold and less oxygen. But the visit will be fun if you take proper care."

What are your thoughts on this? Planning to visit Arunachal any time soon?

Posted By: Ashita Singh