New Delhi| Jagran Trending Desk: 2020 is actually the year that is filled with all kinds of casualties and self-destructive things. This year people tried everything from baking to cooking to experimenting with quirky things. As the lockdown was in place, people made sure to keep themselves hooked to one thing or another, however with their experiments they gave birth to the disgusting viral dishes of 2020, and that just proved the point that 2020 is the worst year of all and by the end of this article you will agree too.

Just to give you a warning, all these dishes might leave you with mixed feelings so just be prepared. These dishes are a weird mix of sweet and sour things and will make you say 'why god why?' we have compiled a list here, check out:

1. Maggie Gol Gappa

The two best things in the world are Maggie and Gol Gappa but imagine if someone mixes it and asks you to try it, would you be able to take the risk? However, the picture of this weird combination went viral this year and the reaction it garnered was pretty much nauseating and we are with them. Check it out:

2. Chai Ice Cream Parantha

As the name of this dish sounds good,  but it actaully isn't as it sounds like you are going to have chai with parantha and after that ice cream, but you are wrong here, as it is a weird combination of chai flavored ice cream that is filled in the parantha roll and we are just leaving it right here for you.

3. Chocolate Maggie

Umm.. we don't have much to say get it now what we are talking about.. yes someone just ruined it for everyone out there. This combination is of two poles apart dishes in which chocolate is being added in the maggie while it is being cooked and it is somewhat like a hot chocolate stirred in maggie. So, just check it right here.

4. Nutella Biryani

Biryani is one of our favourite dishes and someone just dared to ruin it by adding Nutella in it. In this bizarre experiment someone just dropped a scoop of Nutella over the smacking hot biryani and we are going to thank you for ruining it for us.

5. Ferrero Rocher Manchurian

No, we can't just accept the apology. You did wrong to us by mixing these two amazing things. Ferrero Rocher was supposed to be everyone's special chocolate and that crispy round ball was the thing that gave us joy but no a Twitter user named Joanna posted a picture of a Manchurian dish made with Ferrero Rocher chocolates and we are not crying, you are.

6. Kiwi Pizza

The one go-to thing when we just can't figure out what to order is pizza, it is just the right option but what if we say that someone just served it with the kiwi topping and loads of mozarella over it. We were not even done with Pineapple pizza but here comes Kiwi Pizza.

7. Chicken Tikka dipped in Chai

That kadak adrak chai just makes our day and the happiness it gives with every sip is just the thing we want in our life but imagine someone offers you chicken tikka, you will be even happier but no wait, here come the twist, if someone just dips their tikka in the chai and enjoys every sip and bite of it. Yes! we would also leave just like you would.

So, we are not sure what to say after going through these weird combos but we do hope that 2021 comes with good experiments, not with the ones we are dealing with.

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma