New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: A woman in the United Kingdom sued her mother's doctor for allowing her to be born. She has won the case and got millions in damages. The 20-year-old woman, Evie Toombes, suffers from spina bifida, a spinal defect, which forces her to spend her days attached to tubes. Toombes claimed that if her mother had been advised properly, she would not have been born to face the situation.

Toombes took her mother's doctor, Philip Mitchell, to the court alleging that Dr Mitchell had told her mother to take folic acid supplements to minimise the risk of spina bifida affecting her baby. She said, if the doctor had given the right advice to her mother, she would have delayed her pregnancy and Evie would not have been born.

Toombes's case was supported by Judge Rosalind Coe QC and in a landmark judgment in the London High Court, she ruled if the applicant's mother had been properly advised, she would have delayed her pregnancy.

"In the circumstances, there would have been a later conception, which would have resulted in a normal healthy child," the judge ruled. The judge also awarded Toombes rights to millions in damages.

"I was advised that if I had a good diet previously, I would not have to take folic acid," Toombes's mother told the court, backing her daughter's claim.

Toombes's lawyers have said that the exact amount that her client will be getting has not been calculated yet. However, it is likely to be a big sum of money as it would need to cover the cost of her lifelong care needs.

This ruling is considered to be a landmark judgment as it fixes the responsibility of healthcare professionals and holds them liable for improper pre-conception advice.

Posted By: Sugandha Jha