Woman Shaving Beard Since Teenage Finally Bids Adieu to Razors

A woman, suffering from hormonal disbalances, had been shaving her beard since teenage years. However, she has now finally bid adieu to razors.

Woman Shaving Beard Since Teenage Finally Bids Adieu to Razors
Image credit: dakotasbeard/Instagram

In our society, body hair on men is considered sexy while on women, it is considered ugly, repulsive and unhygienic. From a very young age, women are expected to look a certain way and dress a certain way. They are asked to shave their hands, legs, underarms and private parts to keep themselves 'clean'.

However, there are a lot of women in the world suffering from hormonal disbalances that cause them to have facial hair and many times a beard.

A 30-year-old woman named Dakota Cooke started witnessing abnormal facial hair growth during her teenage years. But with the passage of time, she learnt to embrace it.

Taking to Instagram, she posted a throwback image of herself from the time when she got an opportunity to model At New York Fashion Week.

"I grew up hating my body and thinking I could never be a model, and then I was chosen to model this amazing dress that made me feel so amazing! I still have things I don't always love about myself, but my body will never be one of those things!" she wrote.

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According to Times Now, she was 13 when she saw peach-coloured hair growing under her chin which later went on to become a darker beard.

She started shaving her face twice a day which resulted in rashes and scars. But she would try to hide them with makeup.

The Daily star quoted her saying, "I grew up in a period where women with facial hair were so stigmatised that the women at the salon were telling me how girls aren't supposed to grow facial hair.

"I guess that stuck with me because for the next 10 years, I kind of just sunk into this shame spiral where I’d try and hide my face in photos and be attending waxing sessions every week."

Reportedly, Dakota even underwent several medical tests but doctors couldn't determine what exactly was her condition that led to the abnormal hair growth. They finally inferred that her adrenal glands were producing elevated levels of testosterone.

Today, she sports her beard proudly and motivates a lot of other women, suffering from similar hormonal issues, to embrace their body hair.

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