New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: We all have grown up listening to interesting stories in our childhood about secret islands full of gold. Such fairy tales never get old and are always quite fascinating, but what if we tell you that it has actually happened. Yes, you read that right! Recently a secret island has been re-discovered which had been missing for years and guess what? People found gold, jewellery, Buddhist statues and other valuables from there. Yeah, we aren't kidding that actually happened!

An Indonesian island has popped up after ages from the Musi River in Palembang province where nearby residents have recovered a plethora of gold and other essentials. As per the common legend regarding the mysterious island, the place is full of venomous snakes, active volcano and Hindi-speaking parrots. Sounds right out of a film script isn't it?

Well, the place is quite real, known as the Srivijaya City, this Island of Gold has been mentioned in Indonesia's ancient history. Believed to be quite a rich place back then, the island was used as a sea-route medium of trade. As per the folk tales, the place was ruled by the kings of the Gulf of Malaka however, it was later destroyed amidst a war with the Indian Chola Empire of the Chola Dynasty. 

Now ages after the island was destroyed and immersed in the river, it has been discovered along with gold ornaments, coins, things from temples, instruments, ceramic pots and utensils, Buddhist statues and more. 

Meanwhile, while historians have stories about the city to tell, marine archaeologists like Sean Gingsley say that there's been hardly any efforts by the government to find the lost island and therefore, as a result the historic and essential antique pieces popped up on their own which were sold by people like divers, privately.

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal