New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: The influence of coronavirus outbreak has made us resort to bring changes in our lifestyles, from not touching any item without sanitising to not stepping out in months has now become a usual, monotonous state of our lives. However, with offices being shut and employees left with no other option but to work from home during the nationwide lockdown, most of us have found ourselves cornered in a space with our laptops for a large part of the day.

Recently, the video of a bride working on the day of her wedding has reminded us all of the complications of an employee while working from home. The video of the newly-wed typing away on her laptop while sitting next to the groom has gone viral on twitter. The bride is busy with her work even when her husband comes and sits next to her.


The amusing incident was captured in the video by a twitter user, who captioned it, "If you think you are under work pressure then watch this... via WA @hvgoenka" attracted many funny reactions from netizens.

She is busy attending the phone call and her eyes are glued to the laptop at her own wedding. While it clearly shows that the priorities of the newly-wed are set, here is how people on the internet reacted to this act:



A few lauded her for being a dedicated employee, some of the twitter users also related to her:

While many laughed at this rare moment, others criticised it saying that it’s better to leave the job if you are under so much pressure.

Mostly, the viral video gave everybody a good laugh but it also highlighted the state of the existing work pressure on employees who are working from home during the pandemic.

Posted By: Simran Babbar