New Delhi| Jagran Trending Desk: Have you ever thought that some stack of toilet rolls could help you smash the Guinness World Record? No, right! However, this British man has created history after he balanced a stack of 46 toilet rolls on his head for 10 seconds. The video of this UK based man, named Jay Rawlings is doing rounds on the internet as he balanced 46 toilet rolls on his head as a part of the Guinness World Record weekly challenge.

Jay shared the video on Twitter on September 30 with a caption that read, "Soooo I may have kept practising with the toilet rolls and it may have got a little out of hand… I managed 46 balanced at the same time!!!"

After he shared the clip, it garnered more than 1,100 views and tons of likes.

One of the users reacted to the video and said, "OMG!! Amazing!"

Another user commented, "It is all genuine and even if you tried to glue it together the paper would not be strong enough to hold it. Here's a link to another angle of the stacking process that should give you a better idea"

Meanwhile, days later, Jay got a response from Guinness World Record announcing him as the winner. Taking to Twitter, the official page of Guinness World Record reposted the video of Jay and captioned it as, "Congratulations to @jay_rawlings on absolutely smashing this week’s #GWRchallenge with 46 toilet rolls balanced on the head!”

GWR also commented on Jay's post and posted a quirky GIF, to which a user commented, "I laughed way too much at this GIF.”

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma