WATCH | Squid Game-inspired alarm clock is all what procrastinators need

Squid game-inspired clock has made its way into the market for all the procrastinators and has gone viral. Scroll to watch the viral video of the creepy doll here.

By Ashita Singh
Mon, 11 Oct 2021 04:51 PM IST
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WATCH | Squid Game-inspired alarm clock is all what procrastinators need

New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: Squid Game from Netflix is the current obsession of web series lovers and people across the world are loving the South Korean thriller. From flooding the internet with the recipe of Dalgona cookie to trending hilarious memes on the show, Squid Game has people hooked. Even if anyone has not watched the series, they must have had an encounter with a post related to the show and its games Green Light Red Light, Tug of war, and others.

In a recent video gone viral, an internet user has added the latest inclusion to the list of Squid games-related things. In the video, an alarm clock inspired by the doll of the Red Light Green Light game can be seen.

The 14 seconds clip opens to show a room with someone sleeping on a bed. On a table, beside the bed, a miniature version of the doll seen in one of the episodes of the show is kept. Sharing the video on Twitter the netizen wrote, " The Squid game clock y'all procrastinators need."

Take a look at what happens next here:

In the video when the doll is set to the particular time it plays the theme song of the popular web series Squid game and then takes a shot at the sleeping man to wake him up by turning her head towards him.

The original video was shared by 3D artist Gaspar and a content creator named Benja Marambio. The video so far garnered over 89.5 K views, several re-tweets, and likes. Netizens have gone crazy over the idea of the clock.

While some are loving the concept as they say it's very good for those who procrastinate a lot while others are creeped out with mere its existence.

One user sarcastically commented, " Not scary at all. Follow the rules and you will not be eliminated," a second one wrote, " No thank you," to the clock.

Another user wrote, "Looks like I've got an early front runner for my Secret Santa gift," meanwhile another wrote, "Is this for real? it is creepy. ok, I got my Christmas gift for myself all done."

What are your thoughts on this creepy doll from the Squid game? Do share.

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