Chandigarh/New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: Mysterious lights depicting what is usually perceived as ‘UFO lights’ were seen in the sky in Punjab’s Pathankot on Friday, leaving the local residents perplexed at unique sighting. The locals claimed that the lights were spotted at around 6:50 PM for close to five minutes.

In the videos shared by local residents that have quickly gone viral on social media, a set of mysterious lights can be seen blinking in the sky in a unique succession. However, the experts of astrophysics are yet to confirm what these mysterious lights are.

The lights emerging out of the unidentified object sparked another set of anticipatory conversations on Twitter.

Was this a UFO sighting?

No. Defence sources confirmed to news agency ANI that it was a satellite following which the anticipations of it being a UFO or a unique sighting of intriguing natures can be put to rest.

However, this is not the first time that such unique sightings have been reported from a part of the country. Earlier in June,mysterious rows of blinking lights trailing across the sky were sighted in Gujarat's Junagadh, Upleta, and nearby regions of Saurashtra. In Upleta town os Rajkot district, people reportedly heard a loud boom, followed by burning objects appearing to fall from the sky without their impact being felt on the ground.

Refuting the local claims of unique light sightings being UFOs, experts had said back in June that it could have been due to some satellite passing through low earth orbit.

Posted By: Mukul Sharma