New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: Coming as a big relief, this hack suggested by Scottish optician seems to have solved our daily struggle of dealing with the difficulty of fogging up of the glasses while wearing masks.

As wearing a mask is more than just a necessity now, many of us face this issue of fogging up our glasses due to speaking or even breathing while wearing a mask.

In a video that went viral in no time, an optician from Scotland's Miller and Mcllure Opticians addressed this familiar problem for all those who swear by the glasses. Quite useful and effective, the optician in the video shared three simple ways to wear the mask that would prevent the glasses from getting fogged.

Check out the viral video here:

He also explained and demonstrated how the fog gets accumulated easily on the glasses while we are speaking or breathing in the video. In the step by step tutorial as told by the optician, the first step is to wear a mask firmly and then put the glasses on it. In the second step as suggested by him, the technique involved using a tissue paper below the mask to keep breath from leaking out to the glasses. The quick hack comes very handy and useful to many of us who face this issue every now and then specially after wearing our masks for long hours. The optician also suggested the use of a pair of strings as a third step to overcome the problem of fogging.


He also showed how easily the issue can be resolved. The video certainly turned out to be beneficial for netizens as users on social media thanked the optician and appreciated his effort in sharing this idea to avoid getting a blurred vision every time we put on face mask and glasses together.

Over months, while battling this deadly virus, the use and need for face masks and protective gear have become a part of our lifestyle now. With the virus showing no signs on slowing down soon, experts stress the use of face masks mostly all the time out in public.

Posted By: Simran Babbar