New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: A cricket match was momentarily interrupted when a dog entered the ground, during the semi-final of the Women’s All-Ireland T20 game played between Bready Cricket Club and Civil Service North (CSNI) or Ireland Cricket Club in Magheramason. The dog picked up the ball and ran around the field leaving the onlookers amused as the furry animal sprinted around the ground.

The incident came as hilarious for both commentators and spectators alike. A short clip of it went viral on social media which is garnering huge attention. It was originally shared by the official account of Ireland’s Women Cricket with the quip: “Great fielding…by a small furry pitch invader.”

The video was also re-tweeted by Peter Miller, Head of PR and Communications, Caribbean Premier League — and has since garnered 1.9 million views and counting.

The incident took place in the ninth over of CSNI's innings. As the batter hit the ball towards short third man for double and the fielder threw it back, viewers suddenly saw the dog with its black leash trailing behind it run out onto the field. When the wicket-keeper tried to hit the stumps, the dog quickly snapped up the ball and began running away, as players tried to chase it down.

A spectator, possibly the owner of the dog, arrived on the scene attempting to chase the little dog. However, the dog walked straight towards the batter at the non-striker's end, where it received strokes from Aoife Fisher and finally decided to let go of the ball. The match could resume only after the pet was calmed down by the player.

Instances of animals bringing the play to a temporary halt is not a new thing. Earlier also many times dogs have halted games briefly, providing this kind of entertainment on a cricket ground.

Posted By: Sugandha Jha