New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: Eversince the Taliban have captured Afghanistan, the nation is struggling and one of the biggest casualties of Taliban takeover has been the issue of basic human or women's s rights in the country. While the Taliban had stated that they will not stop girl's education but the voice of women in the country states otherwise.

Schools in Afghanistan re-opened a few days ago but the Taliban had shut the doors of the school for girls as they were barred from attending the classes. After a long closure, the privilege of return to school was only given to the boys in the country.

“All teachers and male students should attend school,” said the Taliban in a statement as Reuters reported.

However, the girls in Afghanistan have refused to bow down and have started a protest against the announcement. Both boys and girls in the Taliban regime have stood against the rule and have demanded the Taliban to allow girls back in the schools to resume studies.

Journalist Bilal Sarwary took his Twitter to share a video, wherein a girl is demanding the Taliban allow education for girls. The video of the young girl in the protest has gone viral on the internet. The girl can be seen delivering a powerful and passionate speech for women's rights and girl education in the country. The video was shot at a protest staged for demanding girl education in Taliban captured Afghanistan.

The girl said, “It is an opportunity to do something for our county. Allah has given this opportunity and women have equal rights...So, who is the Taliban to take this opportunity and rights from us?"

“Today's girls are tomorrow's mothers. If they do not have education, how will they teach manners to their children? I am from the new generation. I was not born to just eat, sleep and stay at home. I want to go to school. I want to do something for the development of my country," the young girl added.

She further questioned, “Can you imagine how our country will develop without education? If I don't get an education; if any girl in Afghanistan does not get an education, how will our next generation be well-mannered? If we have no education, we will not have any value in this world.”

The viral video has garnered 65.5 k views and several comments and the girl's passion for education and her bravery is being lauded across social media.

One internet user wrote, "Standing in front of mountains, thee girls are taller than mountains," while the other wrote, "How she’s talked bravely. It’s in fact that we have lost everything, especially this kind of genius girls."

Posted By: Ashita Singh