New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: A video has been doing rounds on the internet of an 84-feet-long tower that collapsed in just a few seconds. It has been grabbing a lot of attention of netizens on social media and no, it’s not what it seems like. The structure didn’t fall due to some disaster or a mishap, but it was demolished by the authorities themselves. Yes, the 32-yr-old steel and concrete structure, named Delta Tower was located in the USA’s Salt Lake City International Airport of Utah which had to be removed for the airport’s further development.

The video of the site where the Delta Tower crashed was uploaded by the airport’s official social media handle. The clip was shared along with a caption that said, “Today, this 84-foot Delta Tower that was built in 1989 to direct aircraft to the gate was demolished. Here is some footage Avalanche Studios took from the Delta Sky Club. The demolition marks a major timeline in the construction of Phase II of #TheNewSLC.”


Soon after the video was uploaded, it started drawing a lot of attention from the people who have visited the site earlier. Many users got emotional watching the video, while many felt nostalgic and recalled their memories attached to it. One person wrote, "So crazy to see something I'd taken for granted for 30 years finally come down.” Another one commented, “I watched this 5 times. Seeing this structure was always part of my airport experience. Good to see times are changing.”

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The Delta Tower was constructed for Delta Air Lines between 1989 and 1990 for giving directions to the planes. It had to be demolished for resuming phase 2 of the redevelopment program of the airport.

 An Airport Redevelopment Program official Mike Williams told FOX 13, "It's just kind of a special day for everybody in moving forward with phase two."

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal