Washington | Jagran Trending Desk: Virgin Group founder and British billionaire Richard Branson has finally completed his childhood dream to travel in the space by aboarding a Virgin Galactic vessel on Sunday. Sharing the experiences from his first ever trip to space Branson described the voyage as the "experience of a lifetime". He congratulated his entire team for 17 years of hardwork which made it possible.

"Congratulations to all our wonderful team at Virgin Galactic for 17 years of hard, hard work to get us this far," Branson said during a live feed as the VSS Unity spaceship landed back to Spaceport America in New Mexico.

During the journey, the spaceship reached a peak altitude of around 53 miles (85 kilometers) enabling the passengers to experience weightlessness and view Earth's curvature. The trip started swiftly without any trouble and touchdown occurred about an hour after take-off at around 9:40 am Mountain Time (1540 GMT). The spaceplane carried two pilots and four passengers, including Branson.

Currently Branson is the first person in the world to go to space in his own ship days before his fellow billionaire Jeff Bezos will travel into space on July 20.

After experiencing the historic trip to the space Branson wrote on Twitter that as child we looked up to the stars and now as an adult he was in the spaceship looking down at the earth which looks beautiful from above. Branson also gave a message to children saying that if he can do this, the next generation dreamers can do wonders. A 30-second-long video attached with the tweet showed how Branson and his teammates experienced zero gravity for the first time.

How you can fly?

Financed by the state of New Mexico, Virgin Galactic plans to start of regular commercial operations from early 2022. Their ultimate goal is to conduct 400 flights per year. 600 tickets have already been sold to people from 60 different countries for prices ranging from $200,000 to $250,000. They include Hollywood celebrities. All those interested could fill in their details on Omaze.com/space.

Posted By: Sugandha Jha