New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: The presence of a black hole in our solar system has always been a matter of debate among scientists. The black hole is a place in our universe where gravity pulls to an extent, so that strong matter, radiation and even light cannot escape. Until recently, several studies have confirmed black holes of only two sizes, but now scientists have discovered a monumental event that happened 7 billion years ago.

Physicist Nelson Christensen, director of research at the French National Center for Scientific Research, discovered that there are possibilities of building black holes by merging of a star-shaped gravitational unit in our universe that are 70 times larger than the sun.

"Two very massive black holes are merging with each other, sending out gravitational waves. Now we have already seen how black holes merge and create gravitational waves. What is interesting here, however, is that this system is so massive,’ US-based news agency Associated Press quoted Nelson Christensen as saying.

According to the reports, the astronomers discovered a signal that was the energy of two stellar black holes, which resulted in one of the largest mergers in the solar system. After the collapse of two big masses stars, they created a black hole that was 142 times our solar mass. Such stellar black holes are supermassive back holes that can be larger than the sun.

Christensen and his team observed a collision set off a gravitational wave through detectors LIGO and Virgo, which convert gravitational waves into audio signals. But, the bang was so far from Earth that it happened 7 billion years ago and astronomers have only just discovered it.

"We have the big breakthrough today, where we're already looking into the future with future detectors that tell us even more about the universe. And I think it's just amazing to think we've discovered so much, but we're also working hard to continue this with more in the future," Christensen told the Associated Press.

Posted By: Srishti Goel