New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: Not everyone likes to work after their shift has ended. But it is also not possible always to just stop working after the shift hours. However, a Pilot in Pakistan refused to fly a flight and complete the journey because his shift had ended. In order to not work after his work hours, had to make an emergency landing.

As per a report by Gulf News, A Pakistan International Airline, PIA pilot refused to take a flight from Dammam to Islamabad on Sunday as his duty timings had ended. Reportedly, PK 9754 was ready to board from Riyadh to Islamabad but it was delayed by bad weather.

And, the Pilot decided to not complete the journey as his duty timings ended because of the flight delay.

Later, when Passengers were made aware of the situation and the pilot's reasoning for not flying the plane to its destination they got annoyed and refused to get off the plane in protest.

When the situation began to go out of hand, the authorities had to call in security to bring the situation under control. Hotel arrangements were made for the passengers at the airport.

“A pilot should rest because it is necessary for flight safety. All passengers will reach 11 pm at Islamabad Airport until then all arrangements have been made in hotels,” said a PIA spokesperson.

Later, the spokesperson reassured the already irritated passengers that they would fly on the same day and land by 11 pm in Islamabad.

The incident happened after the national flag carrier had announced that it was expanding its flight operations for Saudi Arabia and claimed that their airplane is the world's best airline because it is maintained by their staff.

Posted By: Ashita Singh