New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: Among the defining emotions that sometimes end up accompanying the relationships swinging between friendship and something more than that is the emotion of being friendzoned. This Wednesday, as the country went on a pandemic-run festive offing for Eid, Netizens came out on Twitter explaining the emotion of being Friendzoned, with Twitter’s signature brand of humour of course.

Netizens explained being friendzoned in terms of banking terminologies, pop culture obsessions and relative life situations as well.

Here are the top tweets of the day on being ‘friendzoned’ that Netizens shared on micro blogging site this Wednesday.

Twitter users expressed the friendzoned differences leading to contests between Stocks and Fixed Deposits, Parle-G and Goodday and even front-end and back-end developments respectively.


Another Netizen derived the meaning of being friendzoned from a contrasting sleep-wake cycle. “I wake up at 5 am, she sleeps at 5,” wrote a Twitter user before using the hashtag Friendzoned.

Another Twitter user hilariously drew the meaning of being Friendzoned on the basis of difference in movie preferences.

“I asked Welcome ya Hera Pheri. She said Twilight,” a netizen wrote.

Take a look at some fabulously humourous #Friendzoned memes

How much was the relatability quotient as you went through this friendzoned meme fest? Do let us know.

Posted By: Mukul Sharma